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Re: 2y2m, talking issues - is this normal?

Originally Posted by nursenmom View Post
My daughter was similar and did qualify for early intervention and speech services. I think you should trust your instinct and get the ball rolling to check things out. I think early intervention only covers until age 3 and then the public school system takes over which in our state (and many others) means more kids in the system and not quite as efficient help.

I did a little search and you have probably already found the same info but in case you haven't here it is. First steps is the early intervention program in Indiana. It looks like you have local offices with contacts, I would start by emailing yours and see where that gets

For what it's worth my daughter started speech therapy 2 months before her 3rd birthday. She was ahead in comprehension but very far behind in her speech as in the bottom 3% I think when they scored her, she was more around a 16 month old. After a little under a year in therapy she is now caught up with her peers and I'm pretty confident that wouldn't have happened without therapy.
Hey thanks, I was on that site but on the how to get started with first steps page, and it just said to contact your local office but had NO info on where or how that info could be obtained.
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