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Re: How to lower water bill

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
I have my own complaint. At least 2 posters mention sposie diapers costing less than $50 per month. We sposied our first child 13 years ago. Back then we were spending $50 every 4 weeks. Sometimes this meant not changing as often as really was needed because we were getting low before pay day. Now I know prices on other things have not gone down. I don't get how people are getting diapers so cheaply.
I could be a cost of living thing. I can get a box of 124 sposies for $19. I can get them cheaper on sale and with coupon, but that is regular price. If I change 5 diapers a day (which would be all we would have to with sposies since my DD is 12 months), that would get us through 25 days. I could easily sposie diaper for $30 a month. Now...when she was younger we changed her more often, but then you get more diapers to a package also.

With that being said, washing CDs don't increase our water usage by much at all, and I'm using the CDs I bought and used (for probably $5 or less each) with my DS, so this is still the much cheaper route for us!
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