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Re: Starting home schooling after a bad start to the school year at public school

It took me a couple weeks or intense searching to find what I wanted, and even then I changed my mind a couple times. I originally started out wanting to do every subject by the same company to make it easier (Alpha Omega Lifepacs), but I found that wasn't the best thing for us. We're Christian, so I didn't mind a religious curriculum for the most part, but since DS has been in public school up until this year (he's in 8th grade) I didn't want to confuse him in science so I found a secular curriculum in that subject that teaches evolution and "old earth". I also wasn't impressed with the math that they had in the Lifepacs, so I decided to use CLE 700 math for him, which is a GREAT program.

Also, at his age I wanted mostly stuff he could work on independently, rather than have to sit and hold his hand throughout the whole thing. The only subject I'm deeply involved in is sign language (which we use for a foreign language) simply b/c I want to learn along with him. He grades his own work so he learns more from it, and the only thing I have to grade is science b/c the answers are on my computer.

Good luck! We started homeschooling b/c of a really bad experience at the new public school DS was going to (we moved here 18m ago), and it has been a great choice for us. DS loves it, loves learning again, and isn't held to learning according to the slowest person in the class. He can go at his own pace, and in turn is learning SO much more.
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