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Re: S/O Am I the only one that had no idea spanking was still allowed in some states?

Originally Posted by Scarlett's mommy View Post
if a child is that out of control do you really think a paddling is going to take place with out someone restraining them they arent just going to say ok kid you misbehaving stop throwing that desk and chair and bend over so we can hit you. that makes no sense.
no, definitely not. But I'm guessing the parents who sign the release to allow their kids to be punished in this manner know that it will probably require an adult restraining them, and are okay with that.

I'm not saying this is a necessary thing for all kids, or that it is a good idea at all.

I'm just saying that I can see that it serves a purpose.

Also, all the posters who are concerned about some staff member having a f*tish and spanking in a s*xual manner.... these people would still be having these same issues AND be around your kids anyway. Paddling them or not.
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