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Originally Posted by NiNi View Post
It's always easy for people to say that vaxs don't cause issues. When their child has never experienced an issue.

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EXACTLY! I have a vaccine injured child. As a medical professional I have seen far too many vaccine injured children to just brush it off as "fluke". I have attended TWO funerals for healthy babies who died within hours of their shots. I have attempted resuscitation on several more (as a member of the trauma team in the ER) that died within 24 hours of vaccination. There is just too much evidence out there to suggest that these vaccines are certainly not as safe as the great pharma would lead us to believe.

Once I got to investigating the ingredients in vaccines and their health warnings, I decided that there was NO WAY on earth I was allowing those poisons to be directly injected into their bodies. I say all the time "If I wouldn't put it in my baby's bottle, I won't have it injected into their bloodstream".
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