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Re: Vaccines

We have a family history of vaccine reactions including my own. DS1 was mainly vaxed on schedule, but when we did a booster last year, he had a reaction and will not get any more for a long time. We did not do MMR or chicken pox specifically because of the family history with those particular vaxes. HPV also now has a reaction history in my family, although that one was never and would never have been on my list of ones to consider, even without that reaction.

DS2 has had one polio, and one Dtap so far, with no reactions. We have been a little lax in seeing the doc lately, so that is all he has had for know. I do want to make sure he gets protection for tetanus, so we may do more Dtap in the future. Not sure on polio, but likely a booster when he is a bit older. Those are the only ones that I had on my list of ones to consider. I looked at my own vaccine records to see what was given back then, as well as the family history of vaccine reactions to come up with a list of possible vaccines. And after looking into info in the Pink Book, it came down to those 2 vaccines as the ones that were important to me.

If my DSs have not had chicken pox, mumps and measles by the time they hit puberty, I will make a joint decision with them on whether they get those vaccines at that time. Since it is their bodies, I believe they have the right to have a say in the decision.
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