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Originally Posted by KendallMarie
Okay this is my first time around at this... but someone please explain to me why it seems to be practically a sin to be pregnant and want attractive clothing.

I started looking at mat clothing last weekend... Pants aren't overly painful... though half of them seem to add an extra month or two to my pregnancy. I HATE 95% of the tops. The drapey look is just not what i"m looking for... maybe when I actually have a big belly. Right now... NO.

And then there's a matter of a coat... it's hovering around freezing and snowing here. The midweight fall coats the maternity stores here have are just not going to cut it... not now and most definatly not in January.

I swear the next person who says anything along the lines of "oh just buy a few sizes up/plus size who cares what it looks like" is going to die. I CARE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. I already feel fat and icky why on earth would i want to get clothing that make look me worse too.

I remember my first time maternity shopping and feeling absolutely overwhelmed. Even with the fake belly they give you to try on with, everything seemed like it would never fit right. I ended up leaving buying nothing. When I finally really didn't fit into anything at home, I made my way back, and somehow those clothes fit and looked way better.

As for cute maternity clothes, they are out there. I had the best luck at Kohl's and JC Penny for casual wear over Motherhood Maternity. I also have a lot of non-maternity shirts that I just bought a size larger that looked and worked great.

What type of clothes are you looking for? I stay at home, so I do not have business wear, so maybe another has some tips for that. Good luck! And I hope your next trip goes a lot better.
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