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Re: S/O Am I the only one that had no idea spanking was still allowed in some states?

I had absolutely no idea it was allowed anymore, and I'm in Indiana which is apparently is still legal in. I don't know about IPS (the public school system, mostly inner city) but the township public schools don't spank AFAIK. They definitely didn't when I was in elementary school 20+ years ago and I highly doubt they have started since then.

I started school in Georgia, where I was born, and they did have a paddle they spanked kids with. I don't know what the rules about it were, but I mentioned to my mom years ago about it and she said she had no idea they did that. So I don't know if she just couldn't remember it or if she really had no idea that it happened. I remember VERY well walking to the principals office one day and was threatened with a spanking, but I wasn't spanked that day. I don't remember ever being spanked but I started at 5 so it's possible I just can't remember if I was. I'm sure I would if it was frequent.

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