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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by umphreysmommy View Post
I read that too and was sick that it was discussed as a success.
What account is this? Although Im afraid to read it anyway.

Yes I saw on FB that The Ricki show is doing a show about circumcision, I missed most of the show because my stupid cable guide listed it as showing tomorrow. I dvr'ed the last half but havent been able to watch it.

However most people who have seen it said it was too biased towards pro-circing and she sorta skirted around the issue as a whole trying to not offend anyone (as in the majority of her viewing audience, typical ignorant Americans who dont even question it, I was one of those before I gave birth to my son, but thankfully was open to learning and saved my son from being cut).
It really saddens me, especially since she's so pro natural/homebirth and women's rights to birth/body yadda yadda. Hmm good enough for women but not our baby boys so sad.
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