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Re: How to lower water bill

Originally Posted by jessica377 View Post
Just a note - be careful with the brick - it can break down and cause issues for your toilet. The recommendation I have heard is to use a half gallon jug of water instead
You can also use plastic water bottles filled with rocks.

If you have Amazon Mom you can frequently get sposies for under $.20/ea. Seventh Gen are around $.22 ea and Luvs will get as low as $.13 ea. Pampers are usually around $.17/ea. So $50/mo is reasonable. At Target the Up&Up's are around $6 or $7 for a package of 35ish (more or less depending on the size) so $50 seems about right to me.

For awhile we were traveling with my husband and using sposies so I got good at finding bargains If you coupon hunt and combine them with store sales I'm sure they could be even cheaper.
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