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Re: Anyone else in that "chunky or pregnant?" stage?

I hear you! We're TTC and I'm *maybe* just a few days along but already looking in the mirror going "wow, DS really did a number on me ... I really wish I'd lost a little more before we tried to get pregnant" ... I gained a little in the past few months, so none of my pants fit, but if I'm pregnant now does it make more sense to buy new jeans, or just haul out the maternity jeans for the first month?

The best part is we won't be telling my fiancee's 14-year-old until I'm 12 weeks, and I tend to show a lot the first trimester. Meanwhile I'm all about good nutrition and we're trying to teach her how to moderate her meals because she's gained 40 pounds recently (eating at her mother's, who has gained 100 lbs recently) ... So we'll be staying on her about not gaining weight, while I'm visibly chunking up ...

Maybe there is such a thing as almost pregnant, in the looks department!
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