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Re: Cheap Non-Handmade Gifts That Don't Look Cheap

I got 5 of my nieces and nephews each a pair of $4 goggles and a family pass to a local pool for each family price, $20 my boss through in the passes for free!

CBD (Christian book distributors) has a $10 grab box for both adult and kids. I've bought them in the past and used all 10 items in each box for gifts depending on the interests of each person or age. In fact last year the amount spent on the 1 family exchange was $30 while the amount it was worth was well over $100 as each family member(all 6) got a little something. Btw if you put something in your cart and than put it back you might see that item in your grab box.

One year I made each family on DH's side a basket with dog treats in a jar and than a small dog toy with dog print fabric (they sew). They all have dogs so it worked out great and it was inexpensive with plenty of recipes online.

for a school teachers I've done home made pancake mix with dried blueberries in it in a jar. They used it in the spring when they tasted the maple syrup one of the students brought in.

For MIL we've done baskets full of specialty bulk food items that she enjoys like dried fruits, and vegetables that she normally wouldn't buy. Course this is also the lady who just dissed my suppers this week (sloppy joes with half burger and half lentils and hamburgers with beans mixed in) and has told me not to give her certain kinds of foods b/c they don't taste good so who knows if she actually ate much of it.
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