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Re: Bra question ... bravado bliss?

I didn't know it was going to come with a bra extender. I have other Bravado bras, and their measurements say I need a 38. The 36E Bravado Supreme I have is too tight in the band and too large in the cups, so I thought I'd get a 38. Went up the cup size, figuring it would be for later ... not now. I am usually a 36F or 38F when nursing.

At the moment, besides having weaned, I'm smaller because I lost 25 lbs before getting pregnant. Though I've been this weight with previous babies and still need the F or G cup when nursing, so I expect to go back up to 38D or beyond. I feel tiny at the moment, to be so small. I'll hang onto it for now and wait to see how it fits later. I hope it will be a great bra for me later.

There are things I don't like about the Bravado Supremes (no longer made), but they've been my go-to bra for years. I did finally start buying Anita underwires for when I dress up. The Bravado Originals are my sleep bras and early postpartum bras. I love them, just not the uni-boob look or the fact that by 12 months, they're losing support and are worn out after 2 years (for me at least, since I'm pushing the size limit on them.)
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