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Re: dealing with back to school anxiety

Yep, I agree. I think it will pass as well. But that doesn't mean it isn't hard while it's happening. When my son cries as I'm leaving it about tears my heart in two! Maybe set up a small routine with him that will help him feel more confident. Like, 2 kisses and 3 hugs before you go into class. Maybe a special sticker in a spot where it won't come off to remind him of you. Or even draw a little heart onto the back of his hand. You could read the kissing hand each night.

I would certainly recommend being very clear and firm when talking to him about how we go to school every day. That is your responsibility. And that you love him so much and will always be there when the school day is over. I know for my son when he first started preschool he had such a hard time but was always so happy when I picked up. This year he is still a bit clingy, but doesn't cry or get upset.

Good luck! oh...and just to be sure, double check with his teacher that everything is going well at school, just in case
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