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Re: BGE worth the $

Originally Posted by mamaspice View Post
I don't love our Grovia aios quite as much- they don't fit as nicely on my chunky girl with a tall rise. They also have wear holes where my BGE's do not.
I could see that, with the fit.

It's interesting the different experiences with the BGEs getting holes. We had them get holes while the Grovia did not, but I've heard an internet rumor that "Made in Egypt" BGEs don't get holes as quickly.

There have been some very bad years for cotton harvests recently, which meant that diaper makers couldn't get the same grade cotton as before. I suspect diapers made in different periods wear differently. This happened with one diaper I bought, and the manufacturer apologetically explained, to use the same cotton as I bought the first time, the diaper would have to cost 6x as much!!
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