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Re: Question about wool, inserts, and pul

Thanks everyone for responding. As far as the prefolds, I do plan on getting some for me, but dh and I are both working part time so it will be 50/50 on changing baby.

RockinLou- those pics are too cute! What did you use for the absorbent part? I am not sure how much of anything to use. I have a bunch of t-shirts, but how many layers? Is that what you used for the inserts also? I also have about 1 yard of pul, microfiber towels, flannel and anti pill fleece.

Does anti pill fleece work as a soaker for overnight? It is the anti pill from Joann's. Is that good?

Also, can you put microfleece (not microfiber) in a fitted as a stay dry?

I will look for the diaper sewing divas.

Thanks for all your help ladies!
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