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Re: Question about wool, inserts, and pul

Originally Posted by tinytushi View Post
Thanks everyone for responding. As far as the prefolds, I do plan on getting some for me, but dh and I are both working part time so it will be 50/50 on changing baby.

RockinLou- those pics are too cute! What did you use for the absorbent part? I am not sure how much of anything to use. I have a bunch of t-shirts, but how many layers? Is that what you used for the inserts also? I also have about 1 yard of pul, microfiber towels, flannel and anti pill fleece.

Does anti pill fleece work as a soaker for overnight? It is the anti pill from Joann's. Is that good?

Also, can you put microfleece (not microfiber) in a fitted as a stay dry?

I will look for the diaper sewing divas.

Thanks for all your help ladies!
They had 8 layers of t-shirt cotton, if I could do it again, I would have done a 4-layer of cotton/microfleece stay dry top on a size small soaker from the same pattern, and just laid it in as a stay-dry booster, attaching it would mean too long drying. This is what I plan on doing for my friend, and I'm sure the small will fit in the NB diaper, and then can be used for the exact function in the size small diapers. So in total, with t-shirts, I would want 8-12 layers, 8 minimum, 12 max - I really just cut up old shirts and put all the ugly ones on the interior layers

Yes, the fleece from JoAnn will be fine! Katrina's soaker pattern is free and easy (just google "Katrina's soaker pattern")

I got a lot of help in the craft chat forum here
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