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GM Good.Nite

GoodMama Good.Nite $20ppd; smoke-free home, washed in Rockin' Green, mostly line-dried.

GoodMama Good.Nite. I bought it on DS about 6 months ago, and has been an excellent night-time solution. It was originally white exterior with blue inside, but an inadvertent bleach encounter left it white. It is, however, stain-free Has the snap-in insert and the lay-in small doubler (that's still the original blue). No worn spots, the exterior is a bit pilly, but that's common with this one. Elastic tight. $20ppd.

Sold Below-----

First up, 2 S'bish OBF size L, blue and purple-edged. Bought on DS, used about 6 months for a bullet-proof nighttime diaper. Have both the two layer snap-in insert and lay-in doubler for each. $16ppd each

They are in good used condition. No stains, elastic stretchy (probably not as much as new, but lots of life left). The blue has one small worn area by the snaps.

The purple one has a few small worn areas, including a very small hole by the snap. This is only in the first layer of fabric, doesn't go all the way through and isn't where it looks like a snap would pull out. These worn areas are very small and don't affect function at all, but I'd rather point them out than have someone disappointed.

Two WAHM fitteds, Star Wars and Super Mario, bought from DDDiapers on Hyena Cart. They are one-size diapers with a snap-down rise made from cotton velour with a zorb inner and lay-in doubler. Excellent condition, no stains, the exterior is a tiny bit faded from line-drying. Only worn a dozen or so times--they were too cute to cover! $10ppd each

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