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This is slightly OT but....My son's penis NEVER comes up in discussions. IRL or on the web. I actually find it odd that it is such a constant debate on this site. I dont feel comfortable talking about my own child's penis in such an open forum as the internet. I understand that some feel compelled to "save" others from circ. But to me, my son is a person. I wouldnt want my mom going online talking about my why would I divulge those facts about his anatomy? Idk. Guess its just me but I think once you put something on the net it's there forever and I just dont feel compelled to discuss private things so publicly. So many anti-circ'ing moms will remind those that circ how it is their son's skin and he should get to keep it. Well, if it is truly HIS, shouldnt he get to be the one to decide to discuss it? Just my 2cents of course. Everyone has their own opinion.

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