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Re: How do gymbucks and the coupons work?

Originally Posted by Marianna1988 View Post
Okay, so after liking the prices online, I decided to go in the store. Ibought 22 items for $50.02+tax I was scrambling through the clearance to add enough to get gymbucks lol. I used a 20% off code from parents mag, so I picked through all the 50% off items, and got better deals than consignment. I'm gonna hit up the consignment sale next week for jeans and long sleeves for this winter, but otherwise we are just about done clothes shopping until winter 2013 (and we'll be in coastal Italy by then, so I imagine it doesn't get as chilly as here).

Not sure if this pic will work...

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Thats awsome! I did the same thing when I had gymbucks. I walked out with about 20 items. I will only buy gymbo on clearance. There is no way I will pay full price because they are so expensive.

Oh, you can now redeem gymbucks at outlets too! You used to not be able to but they changed it at the end of the summer.
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