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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by mandabug2 View Post
I am in a local multiples group and all the ladies are always talking about their baby boy circumcision experiences, and sometimes I feel like if I were to tell them mine weren't I would be looked at like a freak. Now on one hand I really don't care what other people think, on the other I kinda do . I guess the other thing that scares me is; are my boys going to be the odd ones out? What happens in JH and HS when they have to shower after gym?
I really feel like I made the right decision for my boys...I just hope they feel that way too!
I don't have boys but I just wanted to pipe in with something I heard on the radio the other day that gave me a chuckle: #1 unwritten guy rule- Never, ever comment on another guy's package. Ever.

Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post
I think what terra is saying is that many procedures would fit the strict definition of mutilation - ear piercing, mastectomies, surgeries, etc. Yet you wouldn't go up to a women who has had her breasts removed and tell her that she is mutilated. It's just plain rude. People who say they use the term mutilate simply because it fits the strict definition and for no other reason... Well, that's a bold faced lie. They use the term to purposefully make it sound awful. If someone wants to do that, it's their prerogative. I just think they should own it instead of hiding behind, "well, it fits the definition." I think that is kind of what terra is getting at.

And I for one do not think she is rude. Outspoken, yes. Rude, no.
I'm not going to lie, if someone told me that they removed healthy breast tissue from their newborn, there's a really good chance that the M-bomb would go through my head.
Please excuse my spelling- I am typing with one hand and trying to hold on to my sanity with the other.
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