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Re: Starting home schooling after a bad start to the school year at public school

I have a 5th grader that I homeschool. He is ASD so it is a little different but his strongest subjects are math and science. I have worked very hard to get him roughly on level with his peers in all subject areas though he is still behind in spelling and writing in particular. I also use Saxon and Scott Foresman for math and Grammar/writing. He is using Saxon 6/5 second edition plus the workbook (it has all of the tests and some "timed" warm up sheets). He can do his math independently, he just asks questions when he has them and that is pretty rare. So far he gets 100% on the vast majority of his tests. I am at the point of wondering what to do for next year, I am assuming we will just go on to Saxon 7/6 but I'm not sure whether to bother with 8/7 or skip right to Algebra 1. There is a lot of repeated information in there and he gets it already. We may go ahead and do it anyway, I'm not sure yet. We'll see.

We use the free Scott Foresman and that is all for now. As I said he is behind in writing and though he understands grammar in a worksheet format he can't get it contextually yet (unfortunately this is not uncommon for children like him, he has poor verbal planning). I find that this program is more than enough to challenge him at this point though as of next year he will be using Hake Grammar which is produced by Saxon. I am hoping it will be a format he is more comfortable with. I do attempt to have him do some free writing, journaling and story writing, at least every other week. Right now he is writing a research paper for me. He also does Spell By Color for spelling.
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