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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
I get you Oh I totally admit regrets [personal ones for my own life like you]. Like wishing I would have truly tried to BF with my first among some other things.

It's weird, I've just found as my kiddos get older [no longer infants/toddlers but now children, things don't bother[?] me as much. I don't know if bother is really the right word. I can't find the right words, but basically in the grand scheme of things, for me personally again, some of the things that I was so 'do it my way' over, it didn't 'really' matter in the end. But I get that not everyone has that view.

One of the regrets that I do have and admit *is* judging people and being downright mean many times [here AND IRL]. And now it really does pain me to see some people [not all of course] getting mean. So I guess in that way, I *have* changed and want to let people know, it's okay to do what you want for your family.

And ITA 100% that my posts are more live and let live, let's sing by the campfire stuff Nothing wrong with that at all!

ETA: Meant to say, yeah I was talking about myself hitting people over the head with what I felt was right.
Ok, so I can say....oh there's Terra again singing her song..... Which is meant in the most heartfelt of way.

Yeah, the circle of friends I ran with when the kids were babies had the same parenting idea's as myself. We also had a lot of friends who had kids, but theirs were older so it wasn't like we were doing the same things at the same time. I will continue to share my stories and my thoughts, but I agree that people should do it in a nice way. Unfortunately, it is easier for people to be more "agressive" through a computer. My biggest pet peave is when people assume you think/feel one way and attack you instead of ask/make sure of your thoughts. Believe me, I've been there.....apparently I have a huge hate club who thinks I'm narrowminded, which is hilarious b/c I'm actually quite the opposite.

About your ETA:.....I had thought so.....just making sure.

And tbh, I do still cringe when I see certain parenting choices.
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