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Don't worry too much about it. I freaked out when they told me. But it really ended up being a non-issue. I would agree to keep the cervical checks to a min.

It sounds scary and it can be potentially dangerous. But the reason you've been screened is so that you can avoid the consequences.

The antibiotics aren't a big deal to administer. Likely they'll test your culture to determine what is the best med to give you. Once you get to hospital, you'll likely get a hep lock any way. Most of the time you need to get 2 doses w/in 6 to 12 hrs (?) of giving birth. The abx take about 25 min to take. So even if you don't want to be hooked up to stuff it really shouldn't impact too much.

If you aren't at the hospital long enough to get the doses if abx before birth, they'll watch the baby closely for 24 to 48 hrs to make sure that no infection has passed. This may mean that even when your ready to leave, they'll want to keep baby for observation. they'll be extra watchful and ready to give baby abx to avoid anything bad.

The chance of transfer to baby is pretty low even if you only get abx at hospital. Chance of negative out come is something like 2 in 1000 babies.

Some mamas on DS are very against taking abx for GBS. I'm not in that camp but I agree it probably can't hurt to take natural remedies as well as abx. Most dr won't retest which seems dumb to me.

I had no negatives from taking abx nor did my LO. Just my experience. I had abx allergies which made it so that I had to have 2 (of a specific abx not the normal one) doses 24 hours prior to birth. It worked out just fine. My mw said that had I not been able to get it, they would have held baby for observation.

I will however try the hibiclens protocol prior to my test this time to try to avoid it all together.

I'm not sure if it's a valid med reason for an induction (I won't comment on that part of yr docs advice).

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