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Re: large or xl diapers

I am watching this because my son is only 6 months old, 19 lbs, and already almost outgrown the Bum Genius 3.0 pockets that I have for him that are supposed to go up to 28 lbs and potty training. There is just no way I see that happening the way he has been growing. Maybe he will slow down once he starts crawling but so far he is at 95 percentile. I've already lost tons of money because I bought 6 newborn BG's and 7 small sized Bum Genius diapers that he could only wear for less than a month each size. So now I'm a bit leary of buying cloth if he's just going to grow so fast. Thinking it may have been cheaper just to use disposables, seeing as how he will likely be an only child. Any suggestions on cheap, but absorbant large or extra large fitted diapers?
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