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Re: S/O Am I the only one that had no idea spanking was still allowed in some states?

It is legal here and I was aware of it. I do not remember it ever being used when I was growing up, even on worse case scenario kids (I had friends who earned worse case scenario status and I came pretty close as a teen). I just looked it up and sure enough our district does not use corporal punishment. They use suspension (in or our of school), expulsion, calling authorities, and in some cases restraints (usually only when necessary with SN kids with IEP's in place for the use) as their behavioral protocol. My friend teaches in a different district and they do not use corporal punishment either, they are a Love and Logic district and have meetings and workshops on discipline style. My kids are homeschooled so I don't worry about it too much but when my oldest attended a local charter school I am fairly certain they did not paddle either. Some districts still may but you can usually opt out.
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