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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Originally Posted by myblessedbaby View Post
I had my first ultrasound today. My prayers were that baby would measure 7 weeks (which is where I am based on O) and have a strong heartbeat. Both prayers were answered. Baby measured 7 weeks and 1 day, with a heart beat of 146. I literally cried when I saw baby on the screen and the ultrasound tech told us the stats. Out of my 9 pregnancies, only my DS and DD have measured on track for dates, all the others that even made it to an ultrasound measured a week behind or more. So I'm choosing to believe that this one will be my take home rainbow baby
Awesome Kate! Same thing for me-all my losses measured behind (and since they were all IVF babies my dates were pinpointed to the minute!) and had a too slow for GA HB. So hopefully I'll see an on track bean with hb today at my appointment.

Marie that is NUTS about the formula. I live in a country were formula advertising for babies younger than 6 months and handing out samples is strictly forbidden so never had any problems there. Extended BFer too-I only ever weaned my kids to TTC again (13m with DS and 26m with DD) and will definitely BF as long as baby wants this time. Oh and once I get my energy back I'll finish my LLL leader training I'm at the last part of it.
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