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Originally Posted by ingrid5699

Awesome Kate! Same thing for me-all my losses measured behind (and since they were all IVF babies my dates were pinpointed to the minute!) and had a too slow for GA HB. So hopefully I'll see an on track bean with hb today at my appointment.

Marie that is NUTS about the formula. I live in a country were formula advertising for babies younger than 6 months and handing out samples is strictly forbidden so never had any problems there. Extended BFer too-I only ever weaned my kids to TTC again (13m with DS and 26m with DD) and will definitely BF as long as baby wants this time. Oh and once I get my energy back I'll finish my LLL leader training I'm at the last part of it.
My preemie was different (HE was perfect! My body failed), but I've had one loss where baby measured perfect til 10 weeks and then suddenly stopped, so not even ultrasounds calm me---but I also bled with that baby twice before losing and was 100% convinced my progesterone was low from still nursing my 1DS
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