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Re: Shortness of breath - at end of first trimester...

Not anemic ... 15.9 at MW office yesterday. She said she can't do anything for me because she deals with "healthy pregnancies" and that I'd have to see my PCP or go to the ER. She kept pushing the ER route. I left there miserable - no help and she even suggested maybe I'm just overwhelmed and this is anxiety. She offered me zoloft. Not a fan of this MW yet. Was my first appt with her in the group. Walking into the office from my car left me winded, heart pounding, and BP up to 156/?? Of course, sitting for 20 minutes brought it back down to 112/?? and my o2sat (after I'd already sat and caught my breath) was perfect.

Got home... couldn't even stand in the kitchen long enough to make a simple dinner of grilled cheese - kept having to sit (2 different times) not being able to get a deep enough breath and feeling my heart pounding and feeling faint...also headache that just hangs on and doesn't go away. Decided to go to the ER to get checked out. I really didn't want to go because I don't feel it was a true emergency, but I went anyways.

Ended up being a waste of time and money They fast tracked me to rule out a pulmonary embolism (clot in lungs) - no CT scan, but they did everything else and all clear. They discharged me after 4 hours with a diagnosis of "pregnancy". No kidding. So frustrated. They kept coming in and saying, looks like you're doing fine.... well, yes - I am doing fine sitting here, but I can guarantee if you had me get up and walk a lap around the ER, I'd be winded/heart pounding/faint feeling... Nope, they just had me lay in the bed the whole time. My BP on arrival to the ER was 147/?? and I couldn't even talk to the receptionist about why I was there without stopping to try to take deep breaths in between every few words. Towards the end of my 4 hours there, they brought in a liter of fluid and left that wide open to go in quickly.

Left the ER at midnight with directions to rest and stay hydrated. They didn't say I *was* dehydrated, and I haven't felt that I am at all... drinking often and pee was very pale. However, arrived home and 1 hour after the liter of fluid ended - my hands were puffy with little sausage fingers.

This morning - same thing with my fingers, and headache continues...

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