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Re: 2y2m, talking issues - is this normal?

Originally Posted by Pyrodjm View Post
No words at 2 yo is a red flag. At 2 we are looking for kids to be putting together 2-3 words sentences. The EI process is easy and free. I've provided early intervention as a special Ed teacher for years. You just call and they schedule appointments to play with you child while evaluating him. I would definitely call. Some kids start talking late and have not futher speech issues, some start late and continue to need help. By the time you know what category your child falls into, you could have lost valuable time.
I just want to clarify, he does have lots of words. But only abou two dozen. Many are understandable by others, like "ball" and "bye" and things like that are perfectly understood. Others - not so much. And he doesn't seem to be having the language explosion, nor can he really ask for what he wants. As in, he knows some of the words for what he wants, but he can't or won't ask for them so instead he tries to "talk" but it's babble, I can't understand, and he gets very frustrated.
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