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Re: Group B Strep?

A friend of mine did natural remedies like crazy with her first and her levels were really high. With subsequent pregnancies she didn't do as much and her levels were lower. I am a least intervention as possible person that tries to use natural remedies as much as possible. I truly believe that natural remedies are the best place to start and work with, but as with anything, it isn't a definite.

Crazy, but I ended up testing positive with my last baby. I was shocked. My doctor wasn't too worried because I made it 40 weeks and have had fast deliveries. He told me the biggest risk is premature babies and long labor and deliveries. I didn't do a ton of research because I didn't want to freak myself out. My OB is older and VERY laid back. He is a gem. Also, he didn't let anyone check me - only he did and it wasn't very often.
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