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Re: Unsupervised Bathing

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
I'm seldom the one playing fast & loose, but I guess I am on this one. I started leaving DD so I could grab something (phone, drink, etc.), then progressively longer to change my clothes in the next room or put laundry away for a couple of minutes in DD's room (across the hall) or my own (next door) when she was around 18 mos or so...but even still, it's frequently punctuated by me hollering at her, "let me hear you sing!" I trust her to bathe alone safely, the only reason I don't do so is b/c of the inevitable water mess
This is us. I am never the one to play fast and loose either, I would think, (just based on what I read here about helicopter parents, and the 3 yr old playing on the curb by traffic wearing only panties, etc) that I am a pretty strict paranoid parent. Before kids, I would have never thought I would let kids play in the tub before, say 5. But DS is a big strong 2 yr old and our house is small with the bathroom he takes baths in being right in the middle. His room is the first room by it, so if he's playing in the tub I will put up his laundry, etc. I'll hang a few shirts, then go peek on him, hang a few more, peek at him, etc.

Generally, TBH, I'm basically just sitting there (watching him) after I wash him. But if I have a load of his clothes to put away, we've been doing that stuff for months now. Or I'll get the phone and walk back to the bathroom, etc.

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