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Re: Unsupervised Bathing

My oldest was probably 3 I really don't remember. But, it was only for short periods of time while I ran to grab something or put something away and was back.

DD2 was about the same. DD3 was with one of the 2 older girls and probably similar, DS was about 2. But, again....only for short period of times to grab something. We do pretty quick baths so they are in to get clean and get out.

Mine have alll been able to swim on their own by 3 so drowning didn't worry me, but I have a fear of my kids drowning so I was always paranoid. If that makes sense, lol.

ETA: a child can drown in less than an inch of water and anything can happen in the tub. They can easily slip and hit their heads and be knocked unconscience.....which is why I was never comfortable for more than a quick run and back....and talking to them the entire time I was gone.
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