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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 7th-13th

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Totally kwym. I guess that's a good thing about getting a decent bump fairly quick - I start fitting in mat stuff I've been in mat jeans since 6-8 weeks, but I just started getting my mat shirts out. I like wearing my normal shirts and t's, but I also found some fitted (read: not flowy and tent-like) mat shirts at Thyme Maternity and Old Navy.

I'm scared reading your description of the winter jackets out there! I really am going to need a good, warm jacket (-40 is really darn cold!). I managed (barely) to get through the winters in my normal jacket with Isaac and Levi... but seriously... barely. I don't think there's any way I can get through with an april baby!
I'm headed back out this weekend... what's left of my shirts that fit aren't going ot make it long. I do prefer very fitted stuff so that means a lot of stuff is not fitting a lot faster.

The coat... well Thyme has some heavier looking ones on the website but i haven't seem them in a store yet. People keep saying to me oh don't worry your temp will go up as you get furthur a long... which if it does great but I'm not counting on it. I'm NEVER warm... I actually have a lower body temp found that out when I started charting. NOrmal body temp for me is a fever... the doctors never want to believe me.

I'm going to try a few of the more "boutique" type mat shops here... but I suspect the prices will send me running. COnsignment seemst to be a dirty word though... best I've found is a few kids consignment places that have a maternity "section" this seems to translate in to small rack at the back that has NEVER been orgnaized.

I get we're a captive market and all... but couldn't they atleast try and make nice things for us.
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