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Re: 2y2m, talking issues - is this normal?

Originally Posted by Pyrodjm View Post
Thanks for clarifying. If you tell him the word for the things he wants he doesn't repeat it right ? I would contact EI especially since he is getting frustrated by not being able to communicate.
Sometimes he will. Other times he's so excited I've finally guessed the right thing that he does a little victory dance and chant. But he is trying. "Sippy" is one he has trouble with for some reason, maybe the s? So he won't really ask for it if he's thristy. Most times if I say, do you want your sippy or are you thirsty he'll do his victory dance and chant. But just now, he did repeat "ippy!" so it depends.

He can be prompted if he's distracted to say things, and othertimes he'll say it on his own (like when DH goes to work at night, he tells him goodbye, I love you" and DS will usually on his own say, "bye! I too"

My biggest source of our frustration is that he doesn't seem to have many words that he gains quickly, and that he generally can't (won't?) outright ask for something. He won't come up and ask for a sippy, or say he's hungry. He's not shy at all, he's super active and outgoing and he THINKS he's talking. I really believe he thinks he's talking. But then he'll just whine and fuss and point into the kitchen (we have a gate up between living room and kitchen) and try to babble at me in non-words. Then he gets frustrated that I don't know what he wants, and he melts down.

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