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I need an overnight solution!

My 16 month old DD sleeps through the night, but wakes up absolutely soaked no matter what I put on her! We normally use Sunbabys with 2 inserts during the day, so I tried 3 inserts and a good fleece cover... She peed through. I had an old GM so I tried that with a fleece cover... She peed through. I tried the GM with a PUL cover... Same! I've tried different inserts, and then tried various brands of sposies... She still pees through!

So I'm thinking of trying a new fitted (the GM I have is like 6 years old and.pretty rough) and a fleecer cover with longies over that... It's getting freezing cold here at night so she won't be too warm. Can anyone suggest a good fitted for a heavy wetter?

I liked GMs but I'm not looking to pay $35+ for one diaper. Thanks for your help!
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