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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 7th-13th

Originally Posted by mapleleaf88 View Post
Yesterday I spent 6 hours in the emergency room. The morning sickness got out of hand again and I got dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down. It took them 9 tries by 3 different nurses to get the IV in. I'm covered in bruises today, but feeling much better!!
OMGoodness! I'm so glad you're feeling better today! for no more bad days like that again. Poor mama.

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
As for maternity clothes--I feel like they are always so cute and stylish when I am not pregnant and the moment I get preggers they put out the ugliest clothes!

I am still using most of the mat stuff I got with my first couple pregnancies. I get a couple new things with each pregnancy (well, or new-to-me things), but I kept pretty much everything from over the years. I don't wear it all the time, so even though it's the same clothes it seems like a new wardrobe when I pull it all out again

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Afm: insomnia. It 445am. Been awake since 215.
Had an appt today. Bp was 104\68 & hr was 144bpm!
& I found out I get an u/s for free! Thought if I wanted a 20w scan I'd pay out of pocket $450. Nov 19th!!!

15w and feeling okay.
for a great appt, and for no paying for that u/s! Nov 19th is... like... really not that far away!!!

Originally Posted by KendallMarie View Post
I'm headed back out this weekend... what's left of my shirts that fit aren't going ot make it long. I do prefer very fitted stuff so that means a lot of stuff is not fitting a lot faster.

The coat... well Thyme has some heavier looking ones on the website but i haven't seem them in a store yet. People keep saying to me oh don't worry your temp will go up as you get furthur a long... which if it does great but I'm not counting on it. I'm NEVER warm... I actually have a lower body temp found that out when I started charting. NOrmal body temp for me is a fever... the doctors never want to believe me.
Do you have an ON there? They're shirts are nicely fitted, imo - not super tight through the belly (when not pregnant, I mean), but mine are still fitting me now (though tighter, obviously) - these are just their normal t's, I mean. Some ON stores also have a mat section - those shirts are great, too. I find they do stretch a bit after a couple wears, but then I put them in the dryer at the next wash and they're tighter/snugger again (without being shorter!), kwim?

I'm hoping to get to Thyme and check out their winter stuff when DH and I get to the city for our anniversary - that won't be for a few weeks, but still.
That's a good point about being warmer - I all ready am at times, and I get really warm later on. But I don't think warm enough to make it with my normal jackets unzipped in Feb! I'll have to find something, somewhere, to wear. And I kwym - I don't want to just buy a bigger size normal jacket I gotta be out in -40 weather, I might as well try to look somewhat cute still!

AFM: Nothing today! Oy, I'm happy for a day to just sit around and not have to worry about getting anyone out of the house after school or supper.
This weekend will be busy, again, though. We've got to get stuff for Zech's birthday (on Tuesday), get some fall boots for me and some of the kids, and we really need to get looking at halloween costumes for the older kids. Ugh. Ah well, in another month or so all the birthdays and halloween stuff will be done and I can just start pulling out xmas stuff - Christmas!
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