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XXL covers & diapers?

We need these badly, but do they exist? I'd prefer pull on or snaps but I'll take Velcro if that's my only option.

Ds is 42 lbs at 2 years & not close to using the potty at all due to medical reasons. We currently have XL Bummis pull on covers but the thighs are tight. The XL Bummis snap wraps are too small & he outgrew out Flip Trainers. We have some of the Hiney Lineys Big Kid hybrids. The outside PUL part fits over inserts (not ds' XL Sbish fitteds) but the inside snap in liner to make it stay dry is too small. And now he's on the largest setting of the XL Sbish obf's.

He's allergic to disposable products (plus they don't fit, he outgrew the size 7 pampers, all Pull-ups & is allergic to the Goodnights) but I've wondered about using the Flip disposable inserts in some of his covers. I'm wondering if there was only a super thin liner, if the covers might fit that are too tight with a fitted or flat?

Stay dry is a must but he's allergic to fleece so he can only tolerate suedecloth & athletic type stay dry fabrics like the Motherease stay dry.

I saw someone offering XXL proraps on Amazon but there were no photos & I questioned if it was a legit listing since I've never seen them anywhere else.

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