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Re: allergic to everything?

It's possible, my 2 year old has so many food sensitivities that it's easier for me to say what she can eat than what she can't. Food journals are a must and take intro to new foods slowly (like try them for 3-5 days) before saying they are "safe" for instance I tried her on oats again and it's the only new thing we tried, it took 3 days for her to get the red ring rash and have runny poops...
I second giving a child food you know bothers them as being terrible advice! People with celiacs can end up with sever intestinal damage if they continue to eat gluten products, and things like latex cross allergies can actually build up the sensitivity to an anaphylactic level....and I highly suggest looking into the latex cross sensitivities. My daughter is severely allergic to banana (severe throwing up and body rashes when she ate them once) so we have not tried any of the high level cross sensitive stuff just to play it safe.

My daughter is also sensitive to any synthetic fabrics and breaks out if she wears them, can't wear fitted diapers cause even encased elastic will cause her to break out (we use flats for diapering).

I really don't know what is causing this stuff, there are SO many children with many severe food allergies and if you research it back about 75 years ago no one even knew what the word allergy meant. something has changed but I can't figure it out. Growing up I only ever met two people who had food allergies, now it seems like everyone I know is allergic to something.

momma, feel free to pm me if yu need support, there are three of us here on restricted diets (gluten free, casien free, soy free, and myself I am egg free as well ) my two year old has he most sensitivities thus far but our newest seems to be about the same, possibly more sensitive to gluten as I used to be able to eat it while nursing my 2 year old as long as she didn't eat it, but now if I eat any my youngest is a mess.......there are good foods to eat beyond all this stuff, hang in there, stick with the basic good stuff, meat, sweet potatoes, rice, vegetables, fruit. As he gets older there are good milk alternatives almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, ect.
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