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Re: Anyone else in that "chunky or pregnant?" stage?

I had 10lbs to loose from DD when I got pregnant. My weight fluctuates depending when I weigh myself. So I could be up 3 or down 3 sounds weird but has always been that way.

I have a baby bump but not sure anyone can tell I am pregnant and I am not sure ig I look chubby or not. I am 5'9 and 150 atm but prepregnancy with ds I was 138 and was that before dd--that is a very thin weight for me and my body type.

I am feeling better and started to exercise. I really like the workout tape I am doing (Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD) and I can tell everything is getting tighter which is making me feel more grounded, stronger core, and feel less bloaty. I just feel I need to incorporate some yoga stretching bc I really feel like that helped me with the delivery of dd who was a vba2c and I do not want to loose that confidence or flexibility.
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