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anyone wanna share thier dreams, crazy or otherwise. lol

i'll start things off.

last night i dreamed i was in labour in my bed in the middle of the night, but for some reason my mom and my sister were laying in bed with me, DH was on the couch. i was acting like nothing was going on when my mom said to me, " so are you gonna push or are you gonna just let the baby fall out?" she pointed in between my legs, it was then i realized the baby's legs were completely out (yes legs for some reason). shocked i gave a big push and their was my baby, it was a boy! and i was trying to get him to breath by rubbing his back. my mom wraped him up in a towel and handed my a nasal asperator (sp?) then i realized i had gone through the whole thing with out waking up DH. so i ran into the living room and woke him up apologizing. he was not very happy with me that i didn't wake him up. oh and i named my baby Rupert Felix. it was pretty crazy. lol
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