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Re: allergic to everything?

Originally Posted by elliebella View Post
How big (heavy) is your son? I believe EpiPens, even the Jr version, have a minimum weight.
He was 22lbs 5 oz 2 weeks ago, he is 7.5 months old. I will have to look into the minimum weight but I guess in a desperate time I would try that over nothing no matter what :/
What kind or rash are you talking about? Hives? Where is the rash located? How soon after eating do the rashes develop?
I don't think hives, I looked on line for pictures of hives and I don't think that is it, but maybe. It's mostly his face and chin and often behind his ears. It is red and raised (sometimes I think his cheeks are a bit swollen) and sometimes there are pimple looking bumps (whitehead looking). Sometimes his legs, belly, diaper area. I hadn't thought much of it before but a lot of times he has a red bottom too since starting solids, I thought it was just irratation but maybe that is rash too. It usually starts soon after eating 5-15 minutes, sometimes later and sometimes fine when he goes to bed but wakes up with bumps.

Any chance that you could be cross-contaminating foods? E.G: Your son is allergic to dairy. You cut a piece of cheese for a sandwich for yourself and use the same knife to cut your son a piece of melon. Son develops rash. So you think he's allergic to melon, when it was really the trace amounts of cheese on the knife that caused the reaction.
I don't think so. We are using jarred/pouches of baby food. His dr did say it might help if we started making our own

Any change in detergents/soaps/etc?
Nope, we have used all f&c and burts bees baby wash since he was born

Do you have a history of atopy in your families? Not just allergies, but any immune issues?
My husband has contact demetitius and bee sting allergies, his mother has problems with soy and some other stuff (alfalfa) that have caused anaphltic shock. My brother has celiacs so we already are avoiding gluten

The idea of building up tolerance is horrible! The is very poor advice. While some foods are currently being studied in controlled tolerance testing, it should in no way be tried without direct medical supervision!
That was sort of the feeling I had I'm going to get a second opinion. Other info, he ended up back in the hospital at 6 days for turning blue. They latched onto the idea that it was percocet in my breast milk and we stopped the breast milk and his oxygen levels got better. I only had 4 pills in 6 days though so I had trouble believing that but I'm starting to think it might have been stuff I was eating. My milk never really came in so he was always supplemented

There are no cures for food allergies. The best way to have a chance at outgrowing them is strict avoidance.

It IS possible to have many, many food allergies. But, it is rare.

If I were you, I would keep a detailed journal of everything your son eats and comes into contact with. Look for correlations between rashes and what he ate and did and look for patterns. It took months for me to figure out one of my kid's allergies.
While I haven't kept a journal, we did do 3 days of each thing, but it seems like the reactions start later than 3 days in most cases. I did keep track of what he was eating and elimanated that way, even though I regret it is not documented

Look for an allergist in your area. Keep in mind that if you do end up doing tests for food allergies (skin or blood), they have a 50% false positive rate. The false negative rate is much, much lower. Some kids respond more accurately to one test over the other.
Thanks for the information I do appreciate it!
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