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Re: allergic to everything?

Originally Posted by TwistedBranches View Post

Food allergies are hard to pinpoint without a journal. My DH is allergic to all live cultures (sour cream, cheese, yogurt, raw milk, etc) He found out when he was 2 and his mom kept making him grilled cheese sandwiches and making him eat them and he kept getting sick- he ended up being tested and they figured out his allergy.

Epi is good to have on hand in case or anaphylaxis. The pediatric dose is .01mg/kg up to .3mg, or .3ml of epi 1:1000.

Benadryl works for hives and is DH's first line of defense against potential allergic reactions (it can usually subdue it enough until epi can be given).

Either way, follow what your pediatrician recommends, and in the case of any severe reaction (swelling of throat, face, wheezing, etc), call 911 and get checked out in the ER.

Both DH and I are both medics and see this a lot- It's just really important to know when to call for help if you have to. (I hope this doesn't scare you, it isn't my intent!)
I am scared, just because I don't know what is going on and I don't like it! Thanks for the info. I'm told I will know if he needs the epi pen and she said if he gets hives to take him to the er just in case.
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