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Re: do you travel with cloth?

We did a lot of traveling over this summer and here is what I learned:
Our first trip was from Texas to Florida. We had a newborn (1 week old) and a 2 yr old in diapers full time and a night only 4 yr old. Since I had just given birth we took our time. It took us 3 days to get to Florida.
I just used my regular stash (I had enough to go 3 days without washing). We had 2 wetbags to store the dirties. All in all it was fine but when we got to Florida it took some extra washes to get them clean since they sat for 3 days.
For our trip from Florida to North Dakota I got flips and used the disposable inserts. I also had the grovia inserts too. They worked perfectly! I was able to hand wash the cover too! I like the grovia best because they were backed with a waterproof layer so the covers didn't really get wet at all. Price wise though, flips are the cheapest and work just fine! We used them day on two kids and night on 3. I had to double up on the to older boys at night but we never had a leak!
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