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Re: Shortness of breath - at end of first trimester...

ok so here's my experience with this, as I am dealing with it too.

This is my 4th pregnancy and I remember having this issue with all of them, but this time seems a bit worse for me.

I have a heart murmur, and so that makes me out of breath and my heart pound in my head - sometimes it wakes me up from a sleep even. The pregnancy is added stress on my body and combined with the extra bloodflow, it makes my heart (which already doesn't do it's job 100% efficiently) strain even harder. Sometimes I go weeks without an episode, other times it really bothers me for weeks at a time. It just seems to come and go. There is nothing I can do about it, unless I want to go through a ton of tests and procedures and then I *might* be able to take some pills or something... but that just isn't my thing and it's just a bothersome side effect of the murmur, it's scary, but not life-threatening. Taking some cleansing breaths, changing positions, drinking some water, or taking a warm shower sometimes help, but not always.

I'm also anemic in pregnancy. I have to work HARD to keep my iron up.

And in addition to all of that, I have hypoglycemia (which is low blood sugar). It's easily controlled with eating TONS of protein. But if I miss eating protein at a meal, I'm left feeling really yucky, short of breath, dizzy, etc within an hour or so. When I say a LOT of protein, this is what I mean - I can't eat JUST a hard boiled egg with my salad. I need a hard boiled egg, a few oz of cheese, and strips of chicken on my salad.

I recommend you look into the Brewer pregnancy diet. A great number of pregnancy issues - from pre-eclampsia to gestational diabetes can be remedied or compeltely prevented using this diet. Essentially it is a high protein diet.

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