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We have old speed bumps and I am just inside the start of a school zone. People speed between the bumps and ignore the school zone. We don't really play out front, but I have a "no crossing the sidewalk rule" for my 18 month old. She doesn't really get it. But I stand on the side walk and direct her back into the yard. Seriously, I just shepherd her back into our yard.

I'm of the opinion that streets are made for cars, not people. No playing in the street. No even walking BY the street. A little silly, but the speed bumps and curve of our street has gotten two speeding cars into my neighbors house and fence and one into the big oak tree in my front yard (before we lived there). It's not really others jobs to watch out for our kids on a road.

I'm sorry the man was rude and not following the law. I agree to call the police with his license plate number!
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