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Re: Starting home schooling after a bad start to the school year at public school

Originally Posted by blondeviolin View Post
I'd recommend taking a break and "deschooling." Homeschooling does NOT have to look at school at home. Don't rush into things. Study the curriculum choices. Do crafts, go to museums and the zoo. Enjoy each other. You can school year round if you're worried about being "behind." Read good books while you're deciding.

Check out the Well-Trained Mind forums. They are one of the more active homeschooling boards.
I think this is great advice. Don't really have anything to add, just want to say that it's awesome you have decided to do this for her! Yay for your family! I hope you enjoy your time working together. Don't let yourself get stressed out about doing things "right", or perfectly. You guys will figure it out!
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