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Re: argh!!!! some people!!!!

Originally Posted by nursenmom View Post
That's so annoying, these are cut and dry issues. Every parent has the right the make their own decisions but you can't deny the statistics. I think quite often parents make decisions that are more convenient and then try to justify it as the "best decision for their family" when they really just do it because it's easier.
Yup. The last time someone posted something like that on one of my posts on facebook I made some snarky remark about how I hadn't been aware that the laws of physics change from one family to another. This isn't a choice like starting solids at 6 months or 7 months or to formula or breastfeed, where one choice might be better but either choice is unlikely to harm the child. It's a certainty that if there's a crash, their child WILL get hurt or killed.
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