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Re: Must have pregnancy items

1. long flowy skirts w/elastic waist bands - this way if I pee myself when I'm out and about, I can ball up my undies, toss them in my purse, and no one will ever know.

2. 5 pillows to sleep with - 2 between my legs, one to hug, one under my head

3. 2 or 3 "nice" maternity shirts to I can go somewhere and not look like a pregnant hobo. Otherwise I just wear big T-shirts at home, or old scrubby shirts from previous pregnancies that have seen better days

4. Cotton granny panties. Not sexy but very practical and comfy.

5. nap time (for the older kids) and HGTV

6. easy dinners

7. eggs and onion bagels for Bfast every morning

8. at least one big cup for water at night, which gets refilled at least twice

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