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ALL PENDING/SOLD WunderUnders AI2's and AIO/Pocket, TotWraps, TTT's, Ecoposh

I have a large number of trainers to sell- my son has decided he will only wear regular underwear like his big brother. We live in a pet-friendly, smoke-free home, and shipping in the U.S. is included in my asking prices. These items have been washed in Country Save and Tide. Thanks for looking!

First, I have a complete set of hybrid AI2 trainers by WunderUnders. They were made specifically to fit my child but have a lot of leeway in the sizing, and fit a larger 2T to a 3T, and possibly a smaller 4T. These have side snaps, PUL outers, and wicking jersey inners and are 100% waterproof. They would be perfect for an early learner as I ordered diaper-thickness inserts. The 13 inserts snap to the shells in five places to eliminate bunching, and are all PUL-backed to keep the shells dry. They are made of bamboo fleece and 4 of them are also covered in wicking jersey for a naptime/nighttime stay-dry feeling. There are also 4 bamboo/zorb doublers that snap INSIDE the inserts- the inserts are designed in a really cool way, so that the snaps which are male on the back of the insert and snap into the female ones in the shells are female on the inside of the insert to allow the doubler to be snapped in. Both the stay dry and feel wet inserts have this feature so that you can use the doublers during the day for a heavy wetter as well as at nighttime. These were worn approx 1-4X each and the shells were only washed as many times as they were worn; the inserts have been washed 10X to prep. $10ppd per shell plus $2per insert, or $55 for the entire lot of 4 shells and 13 inserts. Turtle and Guitar shells, 4 Nighttime Inserts, 7 Daytime Inserts, and 4 Doublers SOLD

Here are the 4 shells and the inserts and doublers:

Front (tops) of the stay dry inserts:

Backs of the stay dry inserts:

Fronts of the feel-wet inserts:

Backs of the feel-wet inserts:

Here are the insides of the shells- there are 2 tiny spots on the inner of the Dinos one that I have photographed.

Here is a pic demonstrating how the doubler snaps into the inserts.

I also have one WunderUnders AIO/Pocket trainer which has athletic wicking jersey as the inner (I bought it for my older son to wear to bed but he never wets anymore) and bamboo/zorb as the soaker. It also has a pocket to add more absorbency, and the outer is PUL. It is also 100% waterproof and has no side snaps. It would fit a 3T-4T. It has fully encased legs instead of foe because my older son is a super heavy wetter. This was worn once, washed approx. 5X to prep. $15ppdSOLD

Next, I have 4 Tinkle Time Trainers by Ladder Hill Designs. 3 are waterproof night trainers, with the one with Robot sides and baby blue front/back and side snaps being fleece on the inside and on the waist and leg bands. The other two waterproof TTT's have the newer waist and leg bands and the velour inners. These 3 are all nighttime pocket trainers. The primary Ooga trainer on the bottom left is a non-waterproof daytime TTT with built-in absorbency. They are all either medium or size 3T. For the faded robot sides one or the dayttime one I would like $8ppd. For the purple Ooga which is a little faded I would like $9ppd. For the tractor one I would like $10ppd. Insert to whoever buys the first pocket trainer. These all have some dinginess on the inners; inners still soft.Purple Ooga and Insert SOLD

I also have 6 Totwraps transitions trainers. I just bought them new but on sale for 50% off, so am selling them for the same price I paid which is $8, and I will include shipping. They have been washed 5X and never worn. PUL wetzone, cotton sides, velour inner, zorb soaker. They are size 3T.

Finally, I have 12 Ecoposh, 10 of which I bought new and have only washed 5X to prep. There are 8 smalls (2 bottom rows) and 4 mediums (top row.) The blue (peace) small and one of the ginger smalls were the ones I bought used, and the blue feels slightly thinner than the others. The ginger feels like new and I think it was only prepped when I bought it. These have SUPER soft inners, and nice and thick, and just have pilling on the outer cotton from my prep washes. I would like $11ppd for all but the blue small; $10ppd for that one. Deals for multiples.

Thanks again for looking!! -Jess

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